Richard J. DiLallo, Esq.
My name is Rich DiLallo and I am an Illinois attorney and the Branch Manager of the Hinsdale, Illinois Branch of American Fidelity Mortgage Services, Inc.  At AFMSI we primarily assist with, and arrange for, financing for individuals in connection with a wide variety of mortgage financing of their homes, including refinancing and, for the most part, new home purchases.  My work has focused on mortgage financing since graduating law school in 2001.

Over the years I have worked with many in the real estate industry and have often been asked by clients to recommend a Realtor to assist them with selling their existing home as well as with their search for the purchase of a new home.  And while I have worked with many competent folks in the industry, I am only comfortable recommending Denise Hammett to clients as a Realtor.

I recommend Denise as a Realtor for several reasons.  I have worked with her on many recent purchases and she is, of course, good at what she does (for example, either she just happens to work with the easiest sellers ever, or (and much more likely), she negotiates very “buyer friendly” contracts in what has quickly become a seller’s market).  But, more importantly, I have seen her working with buyers (and sellers) and, unlike many of the other realtors I deal with, she remains involved and helpful throughout the process and actually works FOR her clients (I find that in my experience, so many realtors seem to just get the sales contract signed and then I never really hear from them again until they show up at the closing to get their commission check – Denise on the other hand, has demonstrated time and again that she is willing to continue to help find solutions to any number of typical difficulties that can turn up during the home selling and buying process).

In addition, what I also find to be very helpful is that she actually responds to questions in a timely manner (I am continually amazed at how some people stay in business when it’s nearly impossible to get them on the phone and they either take days to get back to me or never respond at all).  Denise always gets back to her clients and me with timing that not only is helpful but also shows that she is interested in the deal working in a timely and smooth manner.

Jeff & Maria Schnibben- Seller and Buyer

I am writing to highly recommend the Real Estate services of Ms. Denise Hammett.  My wife Maria and I utilized Ms. Hammett’s services for both the sale of our house and the purchase of our existing home.  We found Ms. Hammett’s professional and low-pressure sales demeanor both refreshing and unexpected.  Selling and purchasing a residence in a metropolitan area one often encounters real estate agents who are only interested in making the quick sale and collecting the commission.  That was a situation we did not experience with Ms. Hammett.

Whether it was fielding questions into the evening or meeting with us late on a Sunday night, Ms. Hammett made herself available and always with a smile.  Not being a person to deal with easily, so those who know me tell me, Ms. Hammett always dealt with my idiosyncrasies with patience and understanding.  From recommending other professionals to assist in the financial and legal aspects of the sale and purchase of a residence to simply being available when you needed assurance, Ms. Hammett was always at the ready to reduce the tensions that inevitably arise from the stress of buying or selling a home.

 While we do not anticipate another move in our near future, should that occasion arise we would go first and without hesitation to Ms. Hammett for our needs.  If you are selling or buying a house we likewise would recommend that you do the same.

Thank you again Denise you are the best!!"

Natalie B- Seller and Buyer

"I can’t say enough great things about knowing and working with Denise Hammett.  Her approach to Real Estate is one of passion and enthusiasm, driven by her genuine desire to help families find the perfect home.  I have had the pleasure of working with Denise to both find a home and to rent out our condo.  I never would have dreamed both situations would have fit so perfectly for our wants and needs.  She offers guidance and advice like a family member; and when it comes to making a deal, she has the skill and savvy to get the very best contract.  We were so comfortable and happy working with Denise that we forgot she was working for commission.  There is no other realtor who will work harder with more love and care than Denise Hammett.  There is no other realtor I would recommend, and no other realtor I will work with."

Jen B -Seller and Buyer

Working with Denise was a pleasure, she was a true professional!  Her motivation to get our townhouse sold during such trying economic times was unsurpassed; we had our first offer after only 9 days on the market!!   We HIGHLY recommend Denise to anyone looking for the "BEST in the BUSINESS" to sell their home!  Denise truly has the customer's best interest at heart from the moment you meet her until the job is done!  Since our townhouse sold so quickly, we were in a crunch to find a new home fast. She was knowledgeable about the area and the market and was readily available at all times.  Denise made the entire selling and buying processes a stress free experience.

Denise Hammett